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Am I entitled to a disabled parking bay outside my house?

I’m disabled and get DLA mobility and care components at the highest level. Am I entitled to a disabled parking bay outside my house?
Nina Murray Dyer, by email

Helen Dolphin replies: You need to contact your local council and ask for a disabled bay outside your home. The qualifying criteria do differ for each authority but you usually have to be a Blue Badge holder and the vehicle be registered at the address where you live.

The council will look at the safety of installing a bay as well as alternatives, such as your parking on a drive.

Once the local authority has agreed to instal a bay it will produce and publicise the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). This can take months. The bay is then enforceable and will have a sign situated next to it stating “Disabled badge holders only”. Motorists who then park in the bay without displaying a valid Blue Badge will be liable to a Penalty Charge Notice. Do be aware that even if the bay is outside your house it does not belong to you and any Blue Badge holder can park in it.

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I was very interested to read that the disabled bay outside someones home, or near to it is enforceable. I live on the Isle of Wight and this council doesn't enforce the parking bays. No sign is erected, so anyone parks there, even, and more likely, able bodied people, making life very difficult for the disabled person. I know of some that cannot go out in their car, because they can never get back in the disabled bay. There is an option of paying for the disabled bay, where the bay will be painted quicker,which is a waste of money, because there is no guarantee the disabled person will be able to park there. Life is difficult enough for the disabled and something as simple as having a 'fighting chance' of a parking space would make life a little less stressful.

I am writing on behalf of my elderly mother in law
My mother in law is severely disabled and with age cannot walk very far her car is her life line which she parks on a single yellow line with her blue badge outside her flat in Louth a small Lincolnshire town this has been fine has Louth had no traffic wardens until just before Christmas when the control was handed over to a private company .Her road is close to the shopping centre large school and offices and used by all to avoid car parking charges .since the parking changeover she has had her car ticketed so i applied to council for a disabled space near to her flat. This was met with a point blank no and was told Lincolnshire council do not provide disabled parking bays out the town centre and she had thought about parking when she moved there 20 years ago. i contacted her local councillor who also could not offer any help
Can you offer any advice or help

Hi, i;m a disabled lady living in a City Council house in a Park in Cork City,i don't drive but i have a disabled Passenger disc.a lot of the time when a friend or a taxi is dropping me home the parking space outside my home is'nt free to park,i wonder if i could get a wheelchair parking bay painted there?

I have just read the comment made by Lincolnshire council to your mother regarding she should have thought about parking 20 years ago, what an awful thing to say to a disabled person. I have come across these type of comments myself as I am disabled and have had this level of consideration from Wolverhampton council on various matters. Do they really understand what its like to be disabled... I think not.

hi reading rose riordan message I have been trying to get a disabled parking bay outside my motherin laws house and Powys county council have blankly refused as she does not have a car and they don't see there is a problem they even told me to drop her off find somewhere to park the car and then go back and take her into her home she lives on the main a4067 a noted accident blackspot, and it is a clearway area on the road where she lives . I think it is discriminative against disabled non drivers because if she owned a car she would qualify for a disabled parking space .

I applied for a disabled parking space in August 2013 all permissions were given at all stages it is now April 2014 and I am still waiting. I have a lot of problems with people parking too close to be able to get my wheelchair in the vehicle and if I go out I can not get near my house, which as you can imagine causes me a lot of problems as I can not walk. It has been my experience that it doesn't, seem to matter what your difficulties are it is of no consequence to council departments. As I live in Wolverhampton I do not know if this is just in my area, but the reason for my comments are you and I now the difference a little help makes to people with disabilities but it is not a priority to others.

I have seen a home made disabled parking sign outside someones house. Their drive is long and wide and fit a car near to the front door with easy access. I this legal

hi im a disabiled person with a mobility car and blue badge I live in blackpool and when football on I cannot park in front of my house sometimes streets away I cannot walk with out great pain in my legs am I entitled to some kind of parking bay so at least I can park in front of my houses only when football on I have this problem

mr rackstraw as no where to park out side his house becouse of all the taxis what park every where

I think it unfair when I have to pay £36 for a parking bay outside my house and another blue badge holder can use it especially when they have a driveway so that they can put a second car on the drive

I know how you feel as I have that problem due to neighbour parking their have a disabled badge and I apply for it they said they didn't want one and now they are parking on where I applied for it. Looking for legal right to put number on it or they have to put another disabled bay. It not fair and causing me stress and affecting my health at the moment.

Is there a cost involved for a parking bay

Hi on behalf of my daughter we have had a badge for Laura now for 9years now the law is anyone can park on the bay out side our house strongly disagree as she got it for her disability reasons if I need to get Laura to hospital in a hurry and my car is not at the door what do we do ? Not happy at the new law not sure why we have the badge can you explain please J Morrison.

someone moved in next door with his g/f (legal or otherwise) brought 2 cars with him, parked 1 outside the house he now lives and parked the other outside a carless house. then suddenly while my husband was out he moved the car into the space in front of our house where my husband has parked for 30 years. the road is full of oil the car has leaked and it's now leaking into another space, he's gone out in the other car so it looks like he is taking space up indefinitely, does anyone know if there is anything we can do about it, or just put up with it.

forgot to say he has a mobility car with a blue badge...

Report him for benefit fraud via the DWP. You can do this anonymously. If he can walk more than 50m he should not be getting a Blue Badge or Mobility car.

I am quite at odds as to why disabled people have to proof they are disabled to obtain a disabled parking bay only for the law to allow, any able bodied person to come along and take that bay, something is very wrong and causes such a lot of, distress to the disabled person.
What type of decent human being would do that to a disabled person ,we have some very sick minded people living in the UK.

would I be able to get a disabled sign outside my house I get DLA and find it hard to walk to far with my shopping and just to walk

My father has a blue badge because he has copd catteracks prostate cancer and a pacemaker iv been told that because hes not the drver and I am as his daughter and carer he cant have a disabled space can I fight this

what is the point in having a disabled space outside your house , so as you can get to and from your house easier, for the law to then say another disabled person can park in that space ? it is ridiculous. the spaces should have a code of something stamped on them and that only the person that applied for it can use it !!

I have a blue badge, mobility car etc. I live at the end of a cul-de-sac and have a driveway which I use to gain wheelchair access to my car parked in the street, (driveway is too narrow to negotiate). I have parked there for nearly 30 years with no problems whatsoever, but now the boyfriend of a new neighbour has started parking in front of, and blocking my drive and when challenged said, its' not in use.

I was considering asking for a disabled bay, but after reading the above, it seems this might in fact prove even more of a problem than a help with the situation.

Asking nicely, just produced a string of profanities and a two fingered salute!

I have similar problems.

My Mum is disabled with COPD etc, and is a blue badge holder. She lives on her own, but I (try) to bring her to our house, where there is oly parking to the rear, Yet my neighbours insist on parking their two card behind theirs an dmy house, and in fact take up 3 spaces in doing so, If not them, then anothr neighbour parks there, and makes access for me impossible.

Asking for consideration simply brings out the anger in them - and complaints that you park behind their house sometimes (and get deliberately blocked in - but that's okay by them!)
Point is, I can't get a disabled bay painted for my Mum 'cause she doesn't live here.
She can't walk far enough to come here if I can't park behind the house, and my neighbours are totally bloody ignorant and have no consideration.

Try telling them you've lived her for more than 30 years etc, or that you don't expect to have hassle etc and you get profanities and threats of violence!
what sort of country has this turned into?!!!

I have had this long standing argument with all agencies, the Police, the Council, and my inconsiderate neighbors, who because I had to have planning permission and the Council said that as it was a ADAP (advisory only parking bay), no action could be taken, and it would be reliant wholly on the goodwill of motorists. Well that is like telling people they cant be compelled to pay the Council Tax, unless they agreed to. Which is actually the case, under Freeman of the Land and the Magna Carta, but you wont see Councils voicing this. I have my neigbourghs park their car in my disabled bay, although they could park in their drive but cant be bothered too. I also have on Fridays the problem of worshipers to the local Mosque who will park their. I am so appalled , I think it time that us disabled people got together and insisted like the Doctor bays, and City Center Disabled Bays, that they are enforceable. I must have the worst neighbors in England, who do not see the difficultly and try to oppose the Disabled Bay being installed. Funnily they did not need Planning permission to extend their drop kerbs, although the hard standing place is not of adequate size to house even the smallest of cars, without overhanging the public footpath. Why because the Council have used this as a revenue earner, and charge £600+ for an extension of the dropped kerb which is legally enforceable, so i cant park there.

I am having the same problem - I live in Wrecsam, North Wales - told that there is nothing that can be done as long as cars have valid road tax. Our house is set up above the road - refused permission to have off street parking and disabled parking bay - road is full of private hire taxi drivers parking up when they have finished their shifts and work vans - unfair but local authority does not care

I am disabled myself and have two children with additional needs and severe medical issues. I unfortunately live near a school who have recently decided in their infinite wisdom to close one of the two entrances to the school, leaving just the entrance closest to me. I have an extended kerb outside my house with striped white lines and have a drive. Not only do people park over the white lines but they also block my drive every morning and afternoon. It is really frustrating as my son had a seizure earlier this week and not only could I not get him to the hospital in my car as I was blocked in again, the ambulance I had to order was forced to wait in the middle of the road while the paramedics treated my young son. This caused total chaos as they obviously blocked the entire road both ways as cars were parked on both sides of the streets. To find out that I cannot do anything about this is infuriating.

We'll I never thought that someone else , could park in your disabled parking space outside your own home, what's the point in having that if someone can use it ,

I live in Kings Heath Birmingham and find that people in the area think it is ok to park in disabled bays without a blue badge and also to park on pavements and across the run offs for the disabled. I went to Kings Heath shopping today and all the disabled bays were full of people parking without a badge this is a constant problem along with blocking pavements and run offs. I feel the reason it is so bad is that the parking rules are not inforced by the council ther does not seem to be enough traffic wardens and the police are not interested.

In Nottingham Hill Gate area of London, the parking bays are dedicated to specific car numbers. This ensures that anyone who shows proper need for bay outside their house, get guaranteed parking.
Should not this scheme be nationwide? As I cannot leave my house before 9.30 am, as the bay will be filled by local shopkeepers/workers who have blue badge cards, ( and possibly a disabled bay outside their own address, and who then stay there all day, sometimes until 9.00 pm.
As a consequence I cannot accept hospital appointments etc. before 10 am.
Is this why the scheme was devised?

Fed up. Applied for disabled bay then next door using it. I mention to them I applied for disabled bay due to my health they said they don't want one then now they are parking on the disabled bay I applied for. Looking how to get number of your house to put on their stop them using it as I need it and also I got two special needs kids aswell on top of that. Had enough or they sort out another disabled bay. Why do we have to suffer when we applied for something it not fair as it need to stop. I repect people but they don't repect us.

by Linda
My mum has a disabled parking bay outside her house and people who live over the road constantly park there. Yes they too hold a blue badge but to my mind they should have the common decency to leave the bay clear at all times for my mum to get parked in the space that's outside her own house. Its a ridiculous rule that ANYONE with a blue badge can park in a disabled bay despite being outside another disabled persons home. Not only is it very inconsiderate of the people who are parking there its an ASS of a rule and the policy needs changing. Its very frustrating for my 75 year old mum when she has to carry shopping bags some distance to her home. Why oh why can't those Disabled bays be designated soley for the persons who laboriously took the time to apply for the bay in the first place.

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