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This is the start of an exciting new era in the life of Disability Now.

This is the start of an exciting new era in the life of Disability Now.
The publication has run in several formats and with several editorial identities since 1984. And now it's remerged as a strong online presence.

What makes us different?
The fact that we are unequivocally and unapologetically for, about and by disabled people.
The fact that, while others talk and write about disabled people from a detached, sometimes dispassionate point of view, we provide the space and opportunity for all of us to speak for ourselves and tell our own stories.
We are not interested in the kind of journalism which creates and follows its own agenda. Our agenda is set by our community, a community of which those of us who work at Disability Now are all very much part.
Elsewhere in the media, disabled people may be ignored, marginalised, under- and misrepresented. At Disability Now disabled people are at the absolute centre of what we do.
Elsewhere in the media, disabled people may be presented as powerless victims, work-shy scroungers, biological wonders or freakish anomalies. At Disability Now We are a diverse group with our own identities, a sense of pride in our own validity and recognition of who we are.
While the actions of others - government, media, some sections of a sometimes hostile society - may have a negative impact on our lives, it's from our collective identity that we can take strength to fight against discrimination, prejudice, ignorance, fear and sometimes hate.
Disability Now exists to give a voice to that community and that identity. We're here to make sure that voice is heard.
We're also here to challenge the assumptions of those who think they know what we want or want's best for us and to call to account those who's disabling attitudes or wrong-headed policies negatively affect or threaten our equality and human rights.
But above all, Disability Now is here for you.

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Great to see the new format. Will it be possible to add links to other online resources such as DAO and campaigning sites ?

Thank you for your comments - Yes, we will add links and other material as appropriate to content as we go.

Thanks - I think this is potentially very exciting, and I look forward to getting involved...


Congratulations! This is a great site.

Hi Ian. It's fantastic to see Disability Now embracing digital media. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes, Alex

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